Best Brazilian BBQ Catering in San Diego!

Not just a barbecue… …an experience!

SABOR DE VIDA proudly serves authentic Brazilian BBQ using traditional methods of slow cooking premium meats over open flames. Our focus is on providing your guests w/ the highest quality meats & service possible. The result is truly an EXPERIENCE!

Ana Simon and Rafael PedrosoWhen husband and wife team Ana Simon and Rafael Pedroso offered to share their love of Brazilian barbecue at a friend’s birthday party, they had no idea that it would quickly lead to a popular catering business. Sabor de Vida, is all about creating an unforgettable dining experience. They have taken the unique traditions of Southern Brazil and imported them to San Diego for a truly authentic mobile Brazilian BBQ catering service.


In Southern Brazil, barbecues are a way to gather family and friends on the weekends. Dinner parties begin with Caipirinhas (a traditional Brazilian cocktail made with Cacha├ža rum and lime), and then the chef uses the traditional method of slow grilling premium meats over open flames. The savory meats are enjoyed with fresh baked bread and crisp vegetables. This traditional dining experience is genuinely one-of-a-kind and has been treasured by the Brazilian community for decades!


Cocktail Style
Originating from Southern Brazil, cocktail style Brazilian BBQ is perfect for parties where the Host would like to provide a quality meal to guests in a casual environment, eliminating the need for seating or place settings. Tasty bite sized portions are served over several hours, allowing guests time to truly enjoy every bite.


The philosophy behind Sabor de Vida is simple…to create unique dining experiences that offer guests an unforgettable taste of Brazilian culture through authentic cuisine and great service. Combining traditions from Southern Brazil and personal experiences in San Diego, Owners Ana and Rafael love “watching eyes light up when guests enjoy their barbecue for the first time.”


Private Chef EventFor more intimate gatherings, Sabor De Vida offers a Private Chef service that caters exclusively to smaller parties (1-30 guests). Guests still receive the benefit of a full menu, but the addition of a personally tailored experience comes with this elite option. Friends, family or business associates will be impressed by this lavish personal service. The Chef’s flat fee is $360 and food is reasonably priced at $5-$8 per person.


Weddings Catering
For larger events (30+), there are several package options that accommodate all preferences and budgets. The ‘cocktail’ option includes authentic Brazilian wait-staff who tray pass food to the guests. All food is grilled to perfection, served to your guests with Farofa (Brazilian seasoning) on wooden trays, adorned with fresh flowers. The ‘buffet’ option allows guests to serve themselves. Perfect for special events, barbecues, dinner parties or beach weddings, think ‘outside the box’ for your next event and impress guests with the distinct flavors and customs of Brazil.